Welcome to the FootBall FC WikiEdit

This Wikia site is dedicated to those who are to take part in the Junior Football Club. This is a brief website that explains rules, Field of Play. etc.

This wiki is currently under development, as we are constructing it we are giving brief background info of what the expectations are for our teams. There will be four Junior teams chosen, not on skill level, but age groups. Additional rules will be added as players progress through age-groups. Remember winning isn't everything, having fun is everything!

Training sessions will be held on a Tuesday night, preferably at after school times. The sessions of training start at 3:45 PM, and end at 4:50 PM, these only apply for the three chosen Junior teams. The Senior training sessions will commence on a weekly Thursday night, at 3:45-3:55 PM, and end at 6:55 PM. These sessions will go longer for 'harder training'. These training sessions will both be at the chosen venue by the Teams coach.