Player Achievements Edit

All of the six teams will receive achievements from the club due to outstanding work, goals scored. etc.

Hat Trick Scorer Edit

If a player scores three goals in a match of Football, they will be awarded a $50 dollar voucher and a certificate from the club.

Man of the Match Edit

This is one of the well known awards in Football, if a player does outstanding work in a Football match. They will be awarded a $20 dollar voucher from the sponsored store the Club has chosen (each of the six teams have different stores/shops sponsoring them) and will be welcome to purchase anything. They will be awarded a certificate from the Club.

Fees to Play for the Club Edit

There are different fees for each of the six teams. This is the cost to play for the teams if the player makes it into the team. Parents or players themselves will NOT choose what team they will play for.

The Sharks: $98

The Cobras: $98

The Hearts: $98

Middle aged teams Edit

The Middle Aged Squad: $150+GST

Secondary Middle-Aged Squad: $135+GST

Senior Teams Edit

The U21 Squad: $199+GST