This page, gives a brief explanation of the positions of play on a Football pitch during a match. Whilst if you're a Senior player, having great knowledge of the Positions on the pitch is crucial.

Brief ExplanationEdit

There are designated positions for play in Football, younger age groups may have subtracted positions and less players on each team, but we will give the main ones usually used in all age groups.

The FormationsEdit

There are countless formations used for Football. Formations count the players playing in each section of field of play, for example the first number might be 4. That first digit represents the defensive players, the next can be once again 4. This next one represents the players in the midfield, the next number will be a 2. This number represents the strikers. So this formation is "4-4-2".


This section of players on the pitch are the defensive players. These include Positions such as: Right Back, Centre Back, Centre Back and Left Back. Depending on the chosen formation. These can change in situations, there are other positions such as Right Centre Back, Left Centre Back, if the defensive formation is 5. These positions are added.


The second section of players on the Pitch, play an important role. The Midfielders, are the ones to give the ball to the strikers. There are positions in Midfield such as Defense Mid, Centre Mid, Centre Mid, Right Mid (or Right Wing), Left Mid (or Left Wing), Centre Defense Mid (or '6' and '8' according to the allocated numbers for each position on the pitch.)

Forward (Strikers)Edit

This third section of players are the strikers, or the forwards. These players usually score the goals for the team, but the Midfielders can too, only if the Forward drops back. There can be up to four strikers or even more. There are positions in forward such as: Centre Forward, Right Forward, Left Forward. etc. These players play an important role on the pitch and take on the opposition with the assistance of the Midfielders and even the Defense.