Our Football Club consists of six chosen teams that will compete against other opposition. From Ages from 5-20. There are three Junior teams, one middle aged team, and two senior teams. 

The SharksEdit


This is the first Junoir team to be chosen, each team in our club are fairly chosen on age-groups, and not skill variations. The Sharks team will compete against and with the remaining three junior teams, each team will have balanced skill variations. 

The CobrasEdit


This is the second team competing in the Junior series. This team will stick close to the remaining two Junior teams, the Cobras might have slight differences to the Sharks and the Hearts. 

The HeartsEdit

This is the third junior team chosen to compete in the Junior series. The Hearts will compete against the remaining two teams.


The Middle-Aged Squad

This is the only team that will compete in the middle-aged sports fro Football. This team will consist of 9-14 year old players that will be highly trained for the series due to there being a tough season

The Second Middle Aged Squad Edit

This is the secondary, alternate squad to compete in the middle aged series, this squad will have no difference to the other middle aged squad. No difference in skill, or teamwork

The Senior Squad Edit

This is the chosen team to compete in the U21 (under 21) series. This is the team that will be trained the 'most' and will be very crucial for proper training. The Senior Squad will NOT consiist of average players, this team's players will be chosen from players participating in a trial session to make it into the team. We are looking for very skilled players to compete in the series. Ages from 16-21.